The Story So Far   

Ten months in and it has been eventful, exciting and enlightening. Blaby District has a very well run Council with members and officers giving so much to the District they serve. I've found out so much about the key services that are delivered and the many projects that are also being undertaken. This just shows the depth of our Council.

The Chairman has been raising money for Leicestershire children’s hospice Rainbows. Councillors David Findlay, Marion Broomhead and myself completed a charity abseil at Leicestershire Southern Fire station on the 19th March 2015 raising over £625 for this important cause.

The new Council leader, Terry Richardson, has taken over from Ernie White, leading the new batch of Councillors and those who returned as members. With so much happening with Blaby over the next few years, it is reassuring to know our great District is being ran effectively and professionally. All members involved are showing the time and dedication in pushing the Blaby District area forward.

Being chosen as the Youth Champion has given me the opportunity to be involved and help start the new Youth Council. Keeping this going is vital to encouraging the younger generation to connect with local democracy. Since returning to the Council we have started the youth shadowing, giving younger people an insight on how members and the committees operate.

The planning committee gives you a sense of how important it is to make the right decision for the district, as major applications can make a real difference to the area we live in. This means ensuring that the committee approves or rejects each application with sound decisions and reasoning behind them.

Budget time with changes to the Council Tax and Member allowances have been at the forefront over the past couple of months. While it is important to maintain services we need to encourage that local Councillors are correctly subsidised to attract new members. I doubt any Councillor would say they do it for the money, but unless you are retired or have special circumstances it’s impossible to attract a mixture from all backgrounds, representing the district as a whole.

Finally, I would like to give thanks to all my friends and family supporting me as a local Councillor and continue to help even now. Cllr David Findlay has been with me since the start, not only supporting my role as a District Councillor but with the Youth Council too. So I’m very grateful and look forward to the next three years and more.