Action Day in Winstanley

On Saturday 19 September 2015 a group of South Leicestershire Conservative activists were in Thorpe Astley and Braunstone knocking on doors and seeking the views of local residents.

Attending was local MP, Alberto Costa and local councillor for Winstanley Ward, Ben Taylor along with Blaby Council Leader Terry Richardson and Cllrs David Findlay, Louise Richardson & Les Phillimore. Also helping was Harborough Councillor Rich Tomlin and local activist Richard Meredith.

Alberto said “It was good to be knocking on doors in Winstanley Ward with local councillor Ben Taylor. Residents were pleased to see the local Conservative Team in action and without an election in sight listening to residents about local and national issues of concern.”

The Blaby District Team 2015-2019

Group photo was taken on Tuesday evening in the Council Chamber.

For the list of Blaby Councillors click below. 

The First Two Weeks

The first two weeks since being elected a Councillor have been an exciting and interesting experience. Full of so many new faces including the staff at Blaby Council offices and fellow Councillors. It is quite a daunting experience at first but fascinating to see how the Council operates and the services it provides.

The Tuesday after Election Day involved signing the Declaration of Office to begin my four year term as a Councillor followed by a quick photo, this ended with a welcome presentation. I found a very warm welcome by the Staff at Blaby Council and the paring up with an “Officer Buddy” to help with future queries.

Committee appointments have been decided and I will be a member of Planning, Licensing and Dismissal committees. With the new Lubbesthorpe development being nearby the planning committee will be very interesting.

In the first week I was contacted by a local resident regarding illegal Travellers moving into Beeches Park off Wardens Walk. After visiting the site the following day I contacted the staff at Blaby Council and have found them very helpful, I was pointed in the right direction on who to speak to and then was kept up to date on any developments even after the site was clear. It is a humble experience to be involved with the community and to help make a positive impact on your Ward. I look forward to continue the work carried out making Blaby a safe, fun a vibrant place to live.

I would also like to give my many thanks to those who supported me during my campaign and a special thanks to Peter Fuchs who gave me the original push and confidence to stand.

Travellers At Holmfield Park

There is a traveller encampment on Holmfield Park. Police attended Friday evening and the Multi Agency Travellers Unit have been contacted. Travellers on Holmfield Park have moved on to a new site in the City, Braunstone Town Council we will be carrying out repairs and cleansing early in the week. 

Many thanks to the local residents who contacted me in regards to this.

Out Campaigning in Winstanley over the weekend with PPC Alberto Costa.

General opinion was to keep the well run Blaby council Conservative led. We spoke to many local residents around Thorpe Astley.

Many thanks to Les Phillimore, Cllr David Findlay and Alberto Costa who came out canvassing.